Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last Friday Night !

How I will react if he kisses me ! How I reacted when he kisses me ! (-: T.G.I.F last friday night. Yeah I think we broke the law, yeah I think we gonna stop. this friday night do it all again. (-: Do you want to ? It was a blast ! LOL I might be a little bit ya know that word.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Besties eit ?

I wish she were here, because she'd cheer me up with all the crazy things that she'd do ): although she's not good at cheering people up -..- Syafiq said that I'm funny and his best friend because I'm always whut ? LAUGHING ? hell yeah it's in my blood. (Y) I don't have nothing to blog about but I found a lot of amazing pictures on tumblr/google. (: as much a how I love typing. but I'm tired. ): kbye

THE END *really

Obviously -,-

I'm just thinking of hanging out alone right now. It'll clear up my mind. STRESS keeps on coming back. hmm, It saddens me ): I didn't do my homework especially my KH homework ! ugh teacher why'd you have to give a lot ?! like a lot a lot ! hmm 20 pages of HW ? that's just cruel. -__-'

A different me in just a year ): I have been told that I've changed A LOT. hmm, really ? I think so too, but I don't see that much different about me. EEE, why is that MUAZ so cute ? -..- it drives me insane to watch him sit next to me time balik sekolah. HAIH.  When will I get the chance to be SOMEBODY in school ? or out of school ? or even at home ? err ): I will always be alone I guess.

THE END * keep thinking makes me dizzy.

Double Deckers (:

HAHA right now I'm dancing while playing the piano (: can you believe it ? I think I just scored him. I THINK kay -.- well, I'm dancing the joy of happiness ;D I see that he likes me too but I'm not positive about that. I'm just gonna keep trying. but this form 1 kid wants me to be his girlfriend. I'm your senior lahhh -,- I cant haih ape org kata nanti ? sorry dude ): I hope you find somebody more pretty, nicer, and suitable for you. but you're still in form 1 study dulu lah kay ? (: they joy of happiness ends here and a nother chapter we go :D BOOOM

Somehow I'm addicted to tumblr pictures. :D it's just awesome (: and pretty (: I wonder how they do they do it ? hmm :D I think I'm gonna join Cheerio's next year. But, they're easily how do I say this err "dikutuk" lah -..- I feel kinda bad for em. But I wanna join I just candle handle being "dikutuk" -_- I can't find the right word to describe it. ergh -,-' I'm not that kinda girl which is described as a "hotsuff, rich, dirty, sweetie, tall, beautiful etcetc" I'm just a nerd whose trying to fit in ;D Although I'm not as smart as you think I am. hmm, I'm just a normal high school student who loves to type and go online ;D whose dumb and fun and adores laughing (: I have haters and I have likers. The haters ? I adore em thank you for hating me cuz you're wasting your time watching my every wrong move. (: And for the likers thank you for accepting my own way of fitting in and my stupid attitude. (: My friends keep telling me to ignore all the haters and they also kept saying that I'm easily "terpedaya" by their moves. hmm I think I'm easily distracted. But whatever, It's not important to me. The main point in thinking straight is studying and focusing on your education. Don't rely on Government to help yo when you don't pass the SPM and not going to college/university. Just study now, and I guarantee you success will come to you in a blink of an eye. If you just pray and ask for forgiveness and STUDY (: *giggles.  Secret to success is first *coughs look down.

no 1 : respect people, no matter how old they are.
no 2 : study. (:
no 3 : never EVER ever disrespect your teachers or parents cuz they have 'POWER' over you *seriously.
no 4 : never neglect your studies over stupid things. like love, and etc etc.
no 5 : being in love is just NORMAL. Don't worry (: every people has been in love before you ain't alone.
         I'm not saying you can't be in love but You're still young. And not ready for love and you need to score
         in education first. What comes first is STUDIES then you can go in love haha. (:
no 6 : never play the role GOD.
no 7 : pray to GOD.
no 8 : respect other religion.
no 9 : ignore what other people say about you *negative stuffs (:
no 10 : Always believe in yourself that you are the secret to your own success, and you can score in any kind
           of exams. And never look down to yourself, be brave and courageous be proud of yourselves. (':

Actually, I got more advices but I think I'm just gonna give out 10 (: I'll update more advice when I get the chance to. The most important thing is love yourself and believe in yourself even if you did all of those things that I just told you to do but if you don't respect, love, and believe in yourself you ain't gonna score in life's education. This things last forever ya know ? HAHA, Although people call me dumb or stupid or whut else. I just ignore em. Teachers are always well they don't believe in me but I do I believe in myself. (: my teachers are always asking me this and that "are you listening to what I just said Aiman ?" and then they'd ask questions about what they just babble about HAHA. I'd answer correctly, I just don't look in their eyes when they're teaching I'm always gonna lay my head on the table. (: So whatever people describe you as whether good or bad. you just ignore or accept it okay ? (: I think this is enough my fingers are tires haha. SORE :D kbye. (: I'll be back in a few minutes :B

THE END *This things I collected from my teachers hard work babbling :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

asdffjrpjmpwjfkjdklh -,-

Obviously, When you don't know someone. You'll probably just say "I don't know you -,-" *giggles, and then I would just say "-_- well by "knowing each other" you'll get to know me (: " *laughs ;D pfft enough about this -,- and I'm obviously not a GUY ! -_- geez guys. HAIH. (:

I'm not in school right now, but I am obviously not ponteng-ing school. I woke up late -,- well, you know me always wake up at 12 ;D HAHA, basically online-ing Facebook and tumblr and twitter. (: and just looking up images on google. :D google is awesome (: hmm, this pic ? yeah I know this has nothing to do with the blogging -,- but Somehow I really like it. ;D I can see it's describing some passion about love. *woah see dah ceramah dah hak petuih :p but inside my heart and brain BRAIN. scoot over. ;D I want him to be mine and I wish for US to be liddis :p InsyaAllah (': EEEEK, I'm obsessed with balloons NOW. :D woah ! I just think that balloons is cute and lovely and colourful. ;-D gonna start buying lots and lots of balloons now. *sheepish smile A.K.A senyum kambing -_-' HAHA. dunno how to use TUMBLR -,- but I'm just copying the pic's URL. and then put it on blogspot. ;D it's fun HIHI <3 GOGUL, and I well we're friends I invited him ? o,O to  watch transformers this 1.7.2011 suddenly, he said that he's going with HILMI and now I can't decide whether I'm going to follow or not ? ergh, dizzy -..- But I like the guy. eeek malush lah. ): I want to go but I'm shy to meet him and I'm scared whether he wants me there or nooooooot ? scurred -,- hmm, but chill-lah lambat lai WOI. -_-' But if I decide now what'll happen ? who knows ? haih only God knows. hak petuih :p there's still lots to tell but now. I think I'm just going to chill and blog about something else. (: see ya on another post. hihi (': *senyum kambing lagi :B HAHA. mmmkay bye (:

THE END *I'm obsessed with putting on images on my posts ;D *laughs

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

how i woke up

I woke up like this but not knocked up thank god for that. :D after i wake up i go get my laptop and go online for facebook tumblr twitter and blogger. :D thats what i normally do after i woke up from a horrible horrible sleep. :D


for my haters awwwh (':

this things are just normal.

HAHAHA LOL seee dont do stupid stuffs -.-


im just bored.

Fatal ending.

When a friend told you something with a stressy face and like OMG haha. this is what you do (:



Alaaaah just crappy s tories. :D

I would so be like this if he'd propose to me :D not as in marrying -.- geez I'm only 13 going on 14 but GARSH if he'd do that :D if he would ask me to be his girlfriend for life. I would die and probably i would look liddat :D spongebob yo :D How did I get into this mad situation (": i'm so prod of my boboy he got 7A's 1B and a number one iin his class 3 Cemerlang I might go gaga for him now whudtudo en ? (: HAHA. Next week's Justin Bieber's Concerto OMFG OMFG OMFG ! am i going or not i still cant decide whether my sis is bringing me or nut -.- HAHA. I don't really admire Justin but I respect him, and I would love to see him live. :D

LOL i just love motion pictures ;D so cutee ! this is whut happens if i dont get enough sleep or didnt blog about something for a week. hihi (: what'll we do ? just smile eassssssy peasssy :D sup with this pic you might say. alladis had to do with HIM (L) :D Gopal told me he hates me idk if its true i dont think its true and i dont think its false. hmm i'm in the middle. (: my expression turned from smiley hand to courage's face. :D haha kbye -.-

Good morning (:

LOL, deal with it hihih :D tumblr oh tumblr. (': somehow this pic makes me happy. awwwh (': so as you can see it'ss already 10:10 a.m. and I'm still not in the bathroom :D ahaha, stinky me hihi. deal with it. ;-D I'm on the couch thinking what'll school be in a few more hours ? hmm any fun ? any ups and downs ? any goods or bad's ? Just thinking about it it's going to make my head burst into bubbles hihi. :| I didn't do my math homeworks because I dont know HOW ! I wasnt in class for 2 whole weeks, and irfan alah irfa tu nak skip class je ckp pergi choir. hak petuih :p oh and Putry she well dia ok lah dgn maths even though dia tak masuk class for 2 weeks. she goes to tuiton, and me nothing N O T H I N G. :'( I just study at home, haih. -.- Anyhow, facebook's getting boring :| and there's nothing much to do, since I can't go out and hangout with my friends because i have a CEREWET family. at home it feels like school, in school It feels like at home. when I'm out with my fams, it feels like im in hell. HMM, no credits :( takde siapa nak topupkan haha -__-'' this sucks. ucu topup-edme about RM10 and in a day the baki haha RM00.10 -.- this is because i love to text with MUIZ and SYAFIQ also HAIRI <3 heart you guys (': what'll i have to do then ? *DEAL WITH IT HAHAHAH. :-D All my life I've been good but now hmm :( i'm turning to something bad, and I don't want that I want to see my childhood again. I want to be a kiddo again. :( I miss those moments where my parents will always hang with me. And now they're busy with works. Where they call me now to wake me up and talk with me on the phone for about 24 seconds ?! I want my old life back :( I want to be a little kid. I 'm not ready to grow up but what can we do ? life MUST go on huh ? hmm. i miss the old days. I wish my mum and Dad would spend more time with me. I'm all alone with my laptop like everyday :'( But I got friends who'd cheer me up when I'm down. HAHA, afrina's not spending time with me anymore as if she's with firo all the time. well waddya know ? KACANG LUPAKAN KULIT. hell yes ;D

OMG OMG OMG I saw Him he saw me and he was like smiling and I smiled back. who knows ? he's SO FRIGGIN TALL ! like so so so SO tall. -.- not that regular tall. he's like that giant from the beanstalk.  HAHA my face was like this in the picture. haha he's so cute, and you guys probably know who i'm talking about eit ? Different people different tastes. HAHA, many of his friends asked me "why would ya like someone like HILMI ?!" I was like "why ?!" and then they would say " He's not cute -.-" and my face was like " -_-' it doesnt really mattah whut people look like. Different People Different tastes" HAIH :p It's fun to blog about something personal where not so many people read it. haha me a retard remembah ? (: I just smile when someone asks me "why would you choose someone like HIM ?" I give em a smile. respect people's taste lah beratha. :D He deactivated his account again and i was like WTFWTFWTF why ?! cacat betul eeeee -,-' nak je aku lempang lempang. -_______-' haha, sorry Akma tak rep text I aint got creds lol so so SORRY ;D well it kinda made me happy to blog about this and saw him. it took me about 20 minits to blog about this crap :D haha k thanks for reading and kbye. (: GOD IS TESTING YOU. DEAL WITH IT HAHA.

THE END * Muiz said he aint gonna open facebook till next year. It's a GOD TEST. :D

I'm like a bird (:

It's just stupid seeing people stare at you while you're not doing nothing ? well, it's real duuh. Garsh, my friends really want to know whom I like. ok the one's I'm using caps lock with haha pandai pandai ah cari dkt blog ni. He saw Me walkIng down At hIs cLass. (: haa yg mana dah di caps lock kan tu you guys just tunggang terbalikkan until it reaches a human name. HAHA.

As you can see that on my facebook profile I am married to Syed Zuhairi (: hihihi he's a sweetheart (: no really he is duh (: the plot thickens, still I'm obsessed with HIM. I can't forget him, MAMMA MIA ! You can see that i like to merapu kerabu etcetc :B Deal with it :o somehow I like saying "DEAL WITH IT" IH looooooooooooooooooool :D today in class, the guys who sits infront of me are just random arse's -,- they kept talking about YOUJIZZ, and TETEKS AND PEPEKS. and i was like wtfwtfwtf -___- I can't believe i'm still friend with them. ayoyoyoyo. and also you never know between the indians behind me are aways mengutuk-ing you. WEEEE ;D ok sambung blk to the teteks and pepeks --' Putry was like "it's round and has a nipple" "it can be brown or pink" blahblah OMFH :O my friends are just the coolest and open minded person's in this whole wide world. But still Irfan are just sangap widdis setap's HAIHH buduh betul. can't ya see the Ostrich is KIUT :D haha k thats all kbye. xoxoxo

THE END *today is just an asshole fucking day.

I wish

I awfully Awfully Awfully want HIM to be mine like so badly ): But someone told me he hates me idk if its true he's still acts like nothing's going on -.- he went to choir room yesterday with GOPAL -.- haih GRACIOUS GOD good thing I quit choir oh yeah bout that. I was like so scared that time and angkat tgn ckp dkt cikgu "teacher i want to quit like OMFG --' Aiman be seterong laaaah. that awkward awkward moment when somebody tells you they love you and then takes it back ): why'd you have to do this to me ? :| CHOIR KINDA SUCKS cuz the guy you like is always going in that ROOM at recess time -.- haiyoo I think everyone hates me at school. Deal with it stupid asshole whores --' sukati aku ah nak ikat rambut ke rambut aku menggerbang mcm reban ayam ke suhaimi baba ke kak limah ke. tefak is wrong with you ?! idgaf about you and tbatiba nak comment org pergi mampus lah weeeei ! GRRR, if i have a license on killing people you'd be the first bitch -.- Kak Farah (me likeee) asked me to join cheerios :D hihi probably next year KOT with Firo (-: although I'm still mad at Firo :| she stole me besh fwen ): it saddens me to see that tho. I wish my life to be not NEARLY perfect but OKAY jelah pun boleh. (-: I just dun want any people to hate me thats all. dude is that so hard to do ? -_- what the hell have i ever done to you that makes you hate me UGH godaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii !

Monday, April 4, 2011

3.4.2011 (':

so yesterday 3.4.2011 Was my Mother's 44th Birthday. she's old yo LOL jkjk but still hawt. :p We celebrated her birthday at Subang Parade. Ate at Dave's Deli YUMMY. then we went to Ikano Power Center she gave me RM50 ONLY to buy anything i want there so i bought a T-shirt so cute mah. Brands Outlet <3 hihi nvm about this. After we jalan jalan at Ikano. me and daddy went to this Euphony store A music Store. I played Fur Elise for dad on a piano. and he said hes gonna buy me a Piano and mum said that If I get 5A's or 3A's upper she'll buy me the grand piano. WOW OH WOW (!) Her birthday was awesome yet a little sadness cuz muffin weren't there to celebrate it with us. :'( miss you babe. I decided that I wanted to celebrate her birthday at Sunway by eating at Baskin Robin's you know they got that new Ice cream cake. I want it so badly. :o LOL, but then my dad said that it's going to be expensive. my sister wanted to eat at Manhattan Fish market. LOL that place is Awesome like mehaw. huuuueee. :-D That's all I guess Happy Birthday MOMMY. I love you always. peace out (Y).

THE END *Happy birthday. <3