Wednesday, March 2, 2011

lama x update (:

So, for the past 2 months... hmm how do I put this, school started, people are retarded -.-" 

haha, am not joking, like seriously manusia dkt sekolah ni semua cam kimaks je, kau benci aku sebab *alasan ehem AKU BAJET LELAKI SUKA AKU. I mean like what the fuck ? go die lah -__- on te other side, *drum roll :B I am now married to Afrina Azman, haha kays I am so not GAY. (: ini kahwin saja saja jela, podaa (:

I can't forget about *HIM* he's different honey, je ta'ime him foh evar <3 haha, he said sebab dah nak PMR whateves so takleh halang dia, I dont want him to gagal PMR. study yo (: we broke up bekush of zat LMAO. :'( still sad, tapi tidak mengapa *bak kata cikgu maths :P

THIS ONE GUY IS FUCKING RETARDED read my BLOG HE IS RETARDED ! tak nak ckp nama dia, nnti dia baca, susah oh. DEY MACHA kenapa perlu manusia begitu wujud ? haha let's just forget about this whole bullshit's (:

welcome to my silly life, I read something dkt wall sekolah. "just keep smiling even though something's going on badly". SMILE it'll make you happy I promise (: my life is FUCKIN' perfect, GTFO (:

THE END *sorry you had to listen to all this