Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last day John Travolta :')

HAHA. rambut dia BHAHAHAHA ! lol, gonna mis you dude :( and to all the other budak asrama's. this is the last picture for june and we just leave the rest to July then. (: dia suruh upload :D and awwh, dude I always cerita pasal dia dkt hang. haha sanggup kau dengar kan ? yr my best friend (: Goodbye.

The End * 11th June 2011. snapped this pic

Friday, June 10, 2011

pshht ▲

Today, I just can't fucking stop laughing LOL. -.- wudahe ? haha.. Mum's baking a cake (: and I was like on my way on helping her bake that cake. and suddenly she says it's in the oven. IT'S IN THE OVEN CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ? -_-' dah baik hati nak tolong, dah siap pulak. ngeh :p and uh look down.

I keep helping people I'm not suppose to, like doing this for 'Someone' can ruin my relationship with 'her' ugh, but I love helping people, I can't resist doing it. I mean like helping's good, and It's for a friend. And um, I'm just afraid to help people now. -_- next you guys want someone to help, PUHLEASE don't ask me. I'm scared and I mean what the heaven can I do anyway ?! I just keep on ruining you guys ugh -.- EEEEE, I'm begging you :( NEW TOPIC. look down.

WHY AM I A LONER ? don't people love me ? haha -_- I don't think so any 'guy' likes me. Ngeh, single's better tho, I 've been single for like like 5-6 months now. And I'm happy sometimes not, sometimes you feel like you want someone to think of yourself as SPECIAL. But um, having a boyfriend is very painful yet fun. lol, I'M NOT A BAD GIRL LOL. nvm bout this. -.-

I got so many topics today, bhaha. long time no update ze blog my intimation with le blogspot has changed. Sorry my lubby wubby hubby babi LOL ! haha -.- i gtg now. doing folio sej and geo err fail nanti exam. :'(
goodbye (:

THE END * you have any left split peas there ?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This guy here inspired me uh-lot !

the second pic was like last year, it's Greyson and Macy his dog when he was 13 (-: technically he's 12 that time. haha, he inspires me like omaguknes, he even plays the freaking piano GOD. His voice, HIS VOICE you guys should hear em. I mean like he's damn talented. His hit song Waiting outside the lines is uh-mazing (: Plus he's a cutie. mmmk, tell chu whut ? since I'm a BIG FAN of him since June last year (: I'll wikipedia you guys abut him.

Greyson Michael Chance was born on August 16, 1997. He's an American singer and pianist. He started playing the PIANO when he was about 8 years old. it took him 3 years to finish all of his piano lessons. On April 14th 2010. he posted a video of himself singing lady gaga's smash hit PAPARAZZI while playing the piano on youtube. and in just a day, he got 10,000 viewers already. Later that month ELLEN DeGeneres saw his video on youtube, and immediately called him to come to her show. Ellen was inspired by Greyson to start his own record label which is called ELEVEN ELEVEN. Greyson is her first client there on eleven eleven. Hi's first debut album is Waiting Outside The Lines or WOTL, before the fame. Greyson use to post his own made up songs. which are BROKEN HEARTS and STARS. he's a hit sensation on youtube . he also performed on WeDay at Canada. He's now a popular artist back in the US. but he's unknown in our country MALAYSIA. Greyson97 was his youtube account and he posted his new song called "UNFRIEND YOU' which is completely awesome. My favourite song of his is called FIRE which is Augustana's song. (-: He was born in Wichita Falls, Texas. He's got a brother and a sister, He's 14 this year 2011. and He's on his way to success. God bless you Greyson. (:

Well, the highlighted tulisan was made by me. And a little from the wikipedia, since I'm such a big fan of the man. I just wish I can meet him face to face. haha dema dok Singapore tu suka cakap bahse om putih OLOLOLOL. Mum, Dad for my 2011 birthday I wanna meet Greyson Chance. <3 oh and a DSLR please ? muahaha. lol thats all now, goodbye fellow bloggers. tc :')

THE END * Greyson I leb chu and thank you for reading <3

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yesterday :D

YAY ! so yesterday, Me and Putput went to sunway. naaaw you know melepak-ing :B yeah, we went there here there here. pfft, but tak beli apa apa -.- after that we went to tutti frutti okay me love it zher :D I bought the chocolate perisa. ter taruk banyak and KABOOM ! rm21 -.- LOL habish duit. :D haha Put wants that Guinea Pig omg omg omg COMEL OH ! :D I mean like it is cute, with the furry badan and the big eyes. looooooool, It's just cute. haha wanna buy nanti. (-: lol like 4:00 o' clock liddat, Put said that his friend "Wan and Fendy" came. and she wanted to meet em, so i was like c'mon I wanna see em too. (: yeah we taked and talked. infront of MPH INFRONT OF MPH ! OH LOLLLLLLLLLL ! Put went it and I was like cant go into mph cuz I was holding my tutti frutti yogurt -.- and I waited about 1 minutes outside sheesh Put beli apa LOL lambat. suddenly WAN came to and smiled like this " :D " and I was like "o.o" who r you ? lol, he went in and Put was like HIHIHIHIHI. AWW you guys are cute :')

After that, we sat down at McD's and Put omg omg, she was like tutup tutup the muka with her hands and pandang-ing me the whole time. haha, Wan macam marah :p. Wan was like trying to start a conversation and Putry was like "suruh dia pandang bawah, now dia buat apa, di tengok mana now" HAHA lol, you guys are awesome. so like 10 mins after that, they started to look at each other. lol you guys are friend what for nak malu unless ..... LOL. :D suddenly uuuu suddenly, Fendy came and asked us all if we wanna join em skate. and Dalam hati macam, aih banyak gila duit kau -_- HAHA, then we all said no, not WE ALL just Wan -.- me and Putry was looking down in malu :p LOL, Fendy tu cute lah hahaha. he's taller than me -.- and and and  PUTRY and Wan TINGGI !!! and I'm well of course lah the shortest I mean like dude ... haiyo -,-

LOL, Wan wanted to go to POPULAR this bookstore, and yeah we went there, waiting for Wan to come out of the book store but didn't -.- haha Put ajak pergi tempat lain, we left Wan alone :p poor Wan hahaha. I asked Putry whether we wanna watch movie or not cuz we got 2 more hours before balik and we got nothing more to do -.- we went to TGV cinema and bought two tickets to watch this creepy movie REMEMBER ME. it was fucking horrible i feel like vomiting -_- its just like Friday the 13th Put said. ergh, but It was worth the time, I mean like it was fun tho :D watching creepy movies together, shopping, sakitkan mata tgk barang lawa. LOL. 9:00 we went home. my mum sent us all home including my sister's friends (: after all those hantar menghantar-ing. yeah I got I mean like TIBA TIBA JE ! Demam panas, and now pun tgh demam :(( Mum said if these continues we're going to the clinic today. BTW my RayBans are in Putry's backpack -..- how awesome haha lol. k then Bye (:

THE END * Sunway Pyramid 7.6.2011, duit habis terus -.- HAHA

Saturday, June 4, 2011

shit this shit :B

So, so so so so so. :D I haven't blog about anything that's fun for such a long time. and now I've forgotten how to blog :B so today's headline iss JENG JENG JENG. (: Imma just gonna move on in my life, and right now RIGHT NOW, *sighs it's going great kinda.... cuz there's no guy in my life whose ready to ruin my everyday fun right ? I mean like, having a boyfriend is just like the pain on my ass that won't go away LITERALLY. LOL, So mmm, Afrina ajak-ed me to sunway. god korang ni takde tempat lain nk pergi ke ? sunway sunway sunway. HAHA that's the only place thats fun near shah alam, I can't go far far away. -.- they got a point too. (-: so I'm going to bring alng Putry. if she wants since that day we planned just for Putry and me to go, but tak jadi. :( poor her. one more thing, I AM NOT A FLIRTY BITCH . *beep thank you for the message. (':

THE END* oh na na, I eat yr pants.

Friday, June 3, 2011

check yes juliet :D

mata dia ya Allah, it takes my breath away. like dude, it's so cute like wubby dubby muah muah LOLOLOL. btw wanna ashk you. this makcik hajja ? what's up with her ? kutuk kutuk Islam ? takde bende lain nak buat ke ? ish, another girl from Malaysia whose happy about her losing her virginity V-I-R-G-I-N-I-T-Y. I tell ya, she said that it's kinda hard to look for girls whose still a virgin in Malaysia. PUI ! yr wrong girl -.- I'm a virgin,   half of my school's still a virgin HALF. dude you got a disease. -,- I think you're the only one whose a sicko and keeps on bragging about losing yr own virginity is AWESOME lah bak kata kau -.- even tho this gambar had nothing to do with this, that kitty just so cute :D lol back to the story. another MAK CIK HAJJAH ? keeps on kutk-ing her own religion ? I mean like yr sick monkey man -.- stop kutuk-ing yr own religion and live with it. kalau tak percaya pun tak payah nak ejek ejek. my heart feels like i want to call the JAIS and baling bomb at you -.- DUDE !  geez get a life loser.

THE END* satu hari adinda, dua hari kekanda makcik hajja -.-

3rd of June 2011 :')

haha, gambar ni buruk oh. sumpah -.- the kiri one's me -,- the kanan one's  Afrina Azman <3 haha I went there to her house to give her her birthday present this (6.6.2011) she's awesome maan :D yeah we chatted and chatted and chatted. then we went playing her 'fly skate' she knows how to play that and i don't LOL. I mean like spending time with her at night huh ? been a long time since i've been to her house. last time honeymoon dgn dia pun time pergi cameron Higlands (october.2010) lol. She ajak-ed me to go to sunway with her and Pinas <3 this cuti. but I bet my mum tak kasi :'( I really miss talking to her and Pinas. it's been a week of cuti. LOL cuti is boring dude -.- she's a catch eit ? haha I know, so jealous. she's pweety :B hmm what else did we do tadi ? we drank lemonade semut. :D we kejar her cat, talked about how long dia tak on fb sebab internet dia cibai. HAHA i just love today <3 I mish you Afrina affy :') I had fun spending time with you before you go to Kedah for 3 days. and Isnin ni birthday kau lah weh :D eeee byee (-:

a month of disaster :D

ok MAY. god that month I haven't been online for like whut ? a month -.- I miss facebook, blog, twitter and skype. so mcm semua org tanya. " why lama kau tak on ?" and my besh fwen said "dah peacah rekod kau tak online sehari" BHAHAHA. -.- currently chatting with Hairi and tgh bergaduk dgn MUHD SYAKIR yg gedik tu hihi :B lol my blog dah berhabuk -.- just done skype-ing with Diny and Akma. poor them haha i went offline now shhh shhh >:3

Aufa Joe gila suka kacau wall orang, hihi leb chu :B now gtg. babai (-: