Friday, June 3, 2011

3rd of June 2011 :')

haha, gambar ni buruk oh. sumpah -.- the kiri one's me -,- the kanan one's  Afrina Azman <3 haha I went there to her house to give her her birthday present this (6.6.2011) she's awesome maan :D yeah we chatted and chatted and chatted. then we went playing her 'fly skate' she knows how to play that and i don't LOL. I mean like spending time with her at night huh ? been a long time since i've been to her house. last time honeymoon dgn dia pun time pergi cameron Higlands (october.2010) lol. She ajak-ed me to go to sunway with her and Pinas <3 this cuti. but I bet my mum tak kasi :'( I really miss talking to her and Pinas. it's been a week of cuti. LOL cuti is boring dude -.- she's a catch eit ? haha I know, so jealous. she's pweety :B hmm what else did we do tadi ? we drank lemonade semut. :D we kejar her cat, talked about how long dia tak on fb sebab internet dia cibai. HAHA i just love today <3 I mish you Afrina affy :') I had fun spending time with you before you go to Kedah for 3 days. and Isnin ni birthday kau lah weh :D eeee byee (-: