Friday, June 3, 2011

check yes juliet :D

mata dia ya Allah, it takes my breath away. like dude, it's so cute like wubby dubby muah muah LOLOLOL. btw wanna ashk you. this makcik hajja ? what's up with her ? kutuk kutuk Islam ? takde bende lain nak buat ke ? ish, another girl from Malaysia whose happy about her losing her virginity V-I-R-G-I-N-I-T-Y. I tell ya, she said that it's kinda hard to look for girls whose still a virgin in Malaysia. PUI ! yr wrong girl -.- I'm a virgin,   half of my school's still a virgin HALF. dude you got a disease. -,- I think you're the only one whose a sicko and keeps on bragging about losing yr own virginity is AWESOME lah bak kata kau -.- even tho this gambar had nothing to do with this, that kitty just so cute :D lol back to the story. another MAK CIK HAJJAH ? keeps on kutk-ing her own religion ? I mean like yr sick monkey man -.- stop kutuk-ing yr own religion and live with it. kalau tak percaya pun tak payah nak ejek ejek. my heart feels like i want to call the JAIS and baling bomb at you -.- DUDE !  geez get a life loser.

THE END* satu hari adinda, dua hari kekanda makcik hajja -.-