Saturday, June 4, 2011

shit this shit :B

So, so so so so so. :D I haven't blog about anything that's fun for such a long time. and now I've forgotten how to blog :B so today's headline iss JENG JENG JENG. (: Imma just gonna move on in my life, and right now RIGHT NOW, *sighs it's going great kinda.... cuz there's no guy in my life whose ready to ruin my everyday fun right ? I mean like, having a boyfriend is just like the pain on my ass that won't go away LITERALLY. LOL, So mmm, Afrina ajak-ed me to sunway. god korang ni takde tempat lain nk pergi ke ? sunway sunway sunway. HAHA that's the only place thats fun near shah alam, I can't go far far away. -.- they got a point too. (-: so I'm going to bring alng Putry. if she wants since that day we planned just for Putry and me to go, but tak jadi. :( poor her. one more thing, I AM NOT A FLIRTY BITCH . *beep thank you for the message. (':

THE END* oh na na, I eat yr pants.