Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yesterday :D

YAY ! so yesterday, Me and Putput went to sunway. naaaw you know melepak-ing :B yeah, we went there here there here. pfft, but tak beli apa apa -.- after that we went to tutti frutti okay me love it zher :D I bought the chocolate perisa. ter taruk banyak and KABOOM ! rm21 -.- LOL habish duit. :D haha Put wants that Guinea Pig omg omg omg COMEL OH ! :D I mean like it is cute, with the furry badan and the big eyes. looooooool, It's just cute. haha wanna buy nanti. (-: lol like 4:00 o' clock liddat, Put said that his friend "Wan and Fendy" came. and she wanted to meet em, so i was like c'mon I wanna see em too. (: yeah we taked and talked. infront of MPH INFRONT OF MPH ! OH LOLLLLLLLLLL ! Put went it and I was like cant go into mph cuz I was holding my tutti frutti yogurt -.- and I waited about 1 minutes outside sheesh Put beli apa LOL lambat. suddenly WAN came to and smiled like this " :D " and I was like "o.o" who r you ? lol, he went in and Put was like HIHIHIHIHI. AWW you guys are cute :')

After that, we sat down at McD's and Put omg omg, she was like tutup tutup the muka with her hands and pandang-ing me the whole time. haha, Wan macam marah :p. Wan was like trying to start a conversation and Putry was like "suruh dia pandang bawah, now dia buat apa, di tengok mana now" HAHA lol, you guys are awesome. so like 10 mins after that, they started to look at each other. lol you guys are friend what for nak malu unless ..... LOL. :D suddenly uuuu suddenly, Fendy came and asked us all if we wanna join em skate. and Dalam hati macam, aih banyak gila duit kau -_- HAHA, then we all said no, not WE ALL just Wan -.- me and Putry was looking down in malu :p LOL, Fendy tu cute lah hahaha. he's taller than me -.- and and and  PUTRY and Wan TINGGI !!! and I'm well of course lah the shortest I mean like dude ... haiyo -,-

LOL, Wan wanted to go to POPULAR this bookstore, and yeah we went there, waiting for Wan to come out of the book store but didn't -.- haha Put ajak pergi tempat lain, we left Wan alone :p poor Wan hahaha. I asked Putry whether we wanna watch movie or not cuz we got 2 more hours before balik and we got nothing more to do -.- we went to TGV cinema and bought two tickets to watch this creepy movie REMEMBER ME. it was fucking horrible i feel like vomiting -_- its just like Friday the 13th Put said. ergh, but It was worth the time, I mean like it was fun tho :D watching creepy movies together, shopping, sakitkan mata tgk barang lawa. LOL. 9:00 we went home. my mum sent us all home including my sister's friends (: after all those hantar menghantar-ing. yeah I got I mean like TIBA TIBA JE ! Demam panas, and now pun tgh demam :(( Mum said if these continues we're going to the clinic today. BTW my RayBans are in Putry's backpack -..- how awesome haha lol. k then Bye (:

THE END * Sunway Pyramid 7.6.2011, duit habis terus -.- HAHA