Friday, August 12, 2011


yg tomei tomei ni Amira Roslan, mengikuti fb name die le. tak tau nama panjang heheh :3 she's awesome man :D she's 14 years old, dakdak ttdi ni kan hotsetap ~ LOL okay I bet dia tinggi -.- tak pernah jumpa, walaupun aku selalu sgt pergi ttdi HAIH. I've known her since um tak ingat LOL she's really nice ;D I jealous tgk dia putih, wuwuwuwuwuwu :p ceh suka letew :p anyway, it was nice knowing her :D add add je terus cam SUP BRO ? :D HAHAHA so yeah that's all heee :p dakdak hok ni ~ lol okay then byee :B


no skinhead deadhead ! :D

LOL HIIIII, so Amira Roslan pushed me to update my blog, hehe joke :p so hey there. no story LOL I always update something when I actually have story -.- LOL, anyway I went to the berbuka puasa yesterday at school :D it was um neutral LOL sorry aku takde perasaan skit -.- *been told that I'm brutal ... anyway, I saw syakir I mcm pggl dia " syakir ! syakir !" dia tak pandang and i was like t f ? -.- then I pergi dpn dia mcm WOI, dia pandang and he was like signalling me something then blah and i ws like -.- K FINEEE then balik i asked him, why'd you leave me WUWUWUWUWUWU, then he said solat lah. and i was like hehe okay :3 trololol story nu,ber 1 habeh bro !


I had fun in class even though all the teacher's cam dissapointed with 2 Dinamik -.- pft like i care ... ANYWAY :D I played " DOLL " with putput HAHA so funny -.- i'm like playing her hand and smacking it at her face and she's like " aku belasah kang minah ni " LOLOLOL then she played me we like do everything on our face with our hands, it was funny and the people were just like " kau pahal ? =..= " LOL cacat -.- bagi gimmick biar diorang cam " my god, fashion lah this minah " okay tkde kena mengena -.- HEHE um on to story 3 :p


tomorrow, I got berbuka puasa at KFC with PUTPUT, MEEWA, SYAKIR, AMIR, um and ols :p hehe I thought wanna berbuka at burger king 13 but yeah tak jauh ke ?!?!?!??!?! lol anyway, OOOH let it be fun tomorrow oh pleasee ! and I'll try to bring my laptop :p and put's lappy too. wuwuwuwuwuw okay WHO'S LAUGHING NOW - JESSIE J #NOWPLAYING :p lol lagu tu best ah bro (Y) oh and um tutti frutti esok ya yay ayayay ayayyayayayaya okay ignore me ceh okay then. Byee (:

THE END * I fucking want Hana Tajima punya muka badan semua LOL :p

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rawr :D <--- the sound of a tiger or a dinosaur or a UHHHH

So, hello (: I don't want people to read my blog, um but still yeah OMG ! he asked to read my blog and i was like wtf nooo. blog ni penuh dgn nama kau ._. kang kau fikir bende lain, aduh. I asked him to just read my tumblr not my BLOG ! gah gah gah, woooo not gaga -.- lol btw Amy Winehouse is dead bro good for her ! idgaf LOL. I'm so mean :3 So, um yeah I'm addicted to twitter and tumblr now that explains it. please follow my fucking tumblr :D i follow back and uh my twitter too @youtwitfacemilo (: Like i said I follow back bro.

And for those who haven't added me on facebook, please add me or not you can follow me on this idiotic blog. :D subscribe to my youtube channel if I have one which I don't. Add me on skype which is private so don't add me on skype. Please remove me from any website that i exists on that annoys you. because IDGAF and I keep on asking people to add me on websites that i have but entirely making it the opposite way, STOP IT AIMAN. astaraghfirullahalazim LOLOLOLOL. wtf ? -___- anyway I'm ticked off by guys who have feelings for girls but keeping it down low. Man you should just tell the girl that you like her, don't be so high ego'd, girls don't like that. And I understand, when you express that feelings towards someone you'd  be like is like " what the fuck am I doing ? she must'v hate me now" OR " damn, I should'v not listen to that Badass Aiman Najihah, she ruined my life " but dude, you like her but you don't want her to know ? Sampai bila bro ? sebelum burung itu terlepas, baik kau cepat tangkap <--- my grandaddy use to say this to me. :D but yeah if you like someone just tell him/her (: don't be high ego'd okay ?
pft, the second phrase it has nothing to do with my title so let's start !

kay here's the deal, I'm with this incredible guy but i have two in mind. I'm not a cheap whore btw, but that's normal people have TWO'S IN MIND. and I don't know if I chose the right one ? jodoh di tangan tuhan and uh it's puasa now :( in two more weeks it'll be exam. next year dah form 3 wtf ? -_- PMR BRO PMR ! i haven't studied yet life's complicated nowadays since it's almost the end of the year huh ? well, thats what we call HIDUP. UM yeah, i'll blog about something less boring in a couple of days or so (: see you there :D bye

THE END * the end part 2

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bored posts :B blergh ;p

Damn I want those legs ._. ish lawaaaa ! anyway look down

Forget the katy perry one, just the cheerleader one kay ?  so Ahad lepas I had so much fun byy going to that Cheer comp the weird thing about it is that I have no GIRL FRIENDS there -.- yg I kenal lah :/ So i hung out with Piti, Hairi, Akmal, Syafiq, Amie, Rizal (: It was hella fun :D well, I sat down with Syakir heee, I love his eyes o.o DAMN BEBEH hayooo -_- and his hand haha I love holding his hand (: although he acts like my dad sometimes SOMETIMES okay ? :D heehehehe sumpah I want that time balik, hmm :( Anyway Pythonz didn't win. but Congratulations guys, you guys improves a lot ! and that's great lol. Adria Asked me to join cheer next year, will do man will do :p hopefully it won't kacau with my PMR. right ? Because good music can be so hard to find :B lololol tkde kena mengena oh BTW AKMA DAH BALIK ASRAMA ! MISS HIM SO MUCH :')


LOL hi (:

Hey hey, so sup ? been pretty busy lately ._. THIS IS NOT LIKE ME MAN. Haha, so yeah this pic had nothing to do with this post. I repeat NOTHING ! :b I'm feeling bored, hungry, and all fucked up -.- Where are you ? I'm waiting for you to go on, HALUUU ? tch, nevermind -_- He's probably dota-ing "o0o" LOLLOLOOL, and yeah I'm addicted to fingerboarding <3 me likey hehe :'B It's fun, you should try it ! please try it :D plus I know how to do the POP, OLLIE, KICKFLIP, and uh tu je kot ? heeee

I like this song from MAROON 5 - Moves like Jagger leb chu, teehee aw aw. and this other song from Gym Class Heroes - stereo hearts Try listening to it. I guarantee you'll fall in love with it :') Or you already heard it. oooh, ok ok OH ! anyway, It's almost Puasa and tk lama lagi Raya wooooot~ Can't wait. Still need to ganti my 2 Puasa o.o but cannot now -.- ish, isnin depan dah puasa and isnin depan juga shoppng with my mummy. hehe love you maa <3 so that's all. ttyl :D byee

THE END * skype-ing can kill

Saturday, July 9, 2011

this fucking made me laugh -.-

Damn it, thank you google ! well google does make me smile a bit -.-

Monday, July 4, 2011

I haven't update this blog in what now ? ;D

OH SO, as usual I'm bored as hell -.- I haven't been going to school for 4 days now haih -_- what'll they say ayy ? ayooooo, so I hate last SUNDAY 3/7/2011 the worst day of my life, not gonna tell you cuz it's too public here. people are always reading o.o HAHA's so Imma just gonna forget about that (: and just move on ayy ? oooo, I received aa very weird news from my dad saying that we'll be moving to CANADA next year and I was like wtfwtfwtf ?! -.- I hope not, I don't wanna leave this awesome place I'm leaving in :'> But yeah, if my dad says it's for the best "what the heck ayy ?" we gotta take a shot at things :D

On the other hand -.- why does my freaking facebook keep deleting my friends -_________-' F YA (!) Suraiya deleted me from facebook and I was like WOI apahal -.- ahh another story, I received a love letter from my classmate who I anggap as a friend ONLY. -.- ish it's to kampung lah wei I don't like love letters bagitau dpn dpn tk boleh ka ? haih, Syakir told me he likes me -.- and I don't know if I ... nvm, IT'S FUCKING COMPLICATED DUDE ! it makes my head spin and tercabut then ran away to Paris <-- Put's sayings. cool ayy ? :3

Yeah June and July have been a very very VERY weird month for me. hope for the best next month. OH YEAH, October's Raya and next month Puasa. omgomgomg, can't wait :-D Kay thanks for reading peeps. catch ya later !

THE END * I'm gonna make tonight a show