Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rawr :D <--- the sound of a tiger or a dinosaur or a UHHHH

So, hello (: I don't want people to read my blog, um but still yeah OMG ! he asked to read my blog and i was like wtf nooo. blog ni penuh dgn nama kau ._. kang kau fikir bende lain, aduh. I asked him to just read my tumblr not my BLOG ! gah gah gah, woooo not gaga -.- lol btw Amy Winehouse is dead bro good for her ! idgaf LOL. I'm so mean :3 So, um yeah I'm addicted to twitter and tumblr now that explains it. please follow my fucking tumblr :D i follow back and uh my twitter too @youtwitfacemilo (: Like i said I follow back bro.

And for those who haven't added me on facebook, please add me or not you can follow me on this idiotic blog. :D subscribe to my youtube channel if I have one which I don't. Add me on skype which is private so don't add me on skype. Please remove me from any website that i exists on that annoys you. because IDGAF and I keep on asking people to add me on websites that i have but entirely making it the opposite way, STOP IT AIMAN. astaraghfirullahalazim LOLOLOLOL. wtf ? -___- anyway I'm ticked off by guys who have feelings for girls but keeping it down low. Man you should just tell the girl that you like her, don't be so high ego'd, girls don't like that. And I understand, when you express that feelings towards someone you'd  be like is like " what the fuck am I doing ? she must'v hate me now" OR " damn, I should'v not listen to that Badass Aiman Najihah, she ruined my life " but dude, you like her but you don't want her to know ? Sampai bila bro ? sebelum burung itu terlepas, baik kau cepat tangkap <--- my grandaddy use to say this to me. :D but yeah if you like someone just tell him/her (: don't be high ego'd okay ?
pft, the second phrase it has nothing to do with my title so let's start !

kay here's the deal, I'm with this incredible guy but i have two in mind. I'm not a cheap whore btw, but that's normal people have TWO'S IN MIND. and I don't know if I chose the right one ? jodoh di tangan tuhan and uh it's puasa now :( in two more weeks it'll be exam. next year dah form 3 wtf ? -_- PMR BRO PMR ! i haven't studied yet life's complicated nowadays since it's almost the end of the year huh ? well, thats what we call HIDUP. UM yeah, i'll blog about something less boring in a couple of days or so (: see you there :D bye

THE END * the end part 2