Friday, August 12, 2011

no skinhead deadhead ! :D

LOL HIIIII, so Amira Roslan pushed me to update my blog, hehe joke :p so hey there. no story LOL I always update something when I actually have story -.- LOL, anyway I went to the berbuka puasa yesterday at school :D it was um neutral LOL sorry aku takde perasaan skit -.- *been told that I'm brutal ... anyway, I saw syakir I mcm pggl dia " syakir ! syakir !" dia tak pandang and i was like t f ? -.- then I pergi dpn dia mcm WOI, dia pandang and he was like signalling me something then blah and i ws like -.- K FINEEE then balik i asked him, why'd you leave me WUWUWUWUWUWU, then he said solat lah. and i was like hehe okay :3 trololol story nu,ber 1 habeh bro !


I had fun in class even though all the teacher's cam dissapointed with 2 Dinamik -.- pft like i care ... ANYWAY :D I played " DOLL " with putput HAHA so funny -.- i'm like playing her hand and smacking it at her face and she's like " aku belasah kang minah ni " LOLOLOL then she played me we like do everything on our face with our hands, it was funny and the people were just like " kau pahal ? =..= " LOL cacat -.- bagi gimmick biar diorang cam " my god, fashion lah this minah " okay tkde kena mengena -.- HEHE um on to story 3 :p


tomorrow, I got berbuka puasa at KFC with PUTPUT, MEEWA, SYAKIR, AMIR, um and ols :p hehe I thought wanna berbuka at burger king 13 but yeah tak jauh ke ?!?!?!??!?! lol anyway, OOOH let it be fun tomorrow oh pleasee ! and I'll try to bring my laptop :p and put's lappy too. wuwuwuwuwuw okay WHO'S LAUGHING NOW - JESSIE J #NOWPLAYING :p lol lagu tu best ah bro (Y) oh and um tutti frutti esok ya yay ayayay ayayyayayayaya okay ignore me ceh okay then. Byee (:

THE END * I fucking want Hana Tajima punya muka badan semua LOL :p