Monday, July 4, 2011

I haven't update this blog in what now ? ;D

OH SO, as usual I'm bored as hell -.- I haven't been going to school for 4 days now haih -_- what'll they say ayy ? ayooooo, so I hate last SUNDAY 3/7/2011 the worst day of my life, not gonna tell you cuz it's too public here. people are always reading o.o HAHA's so Imma just gonna forget about that (: and just move on ayy ? oooo, I received aa very weird news from my dad saying that we'll be moving to CANADA next year and I was like wtfwtfwtf ?! -.- I hope not, I don't wanna leave this awesome place I'm leaving in :'> But yeah, if my dad says it's for the best "what the heck ayy ?" we gotta take a shot at things :D

On the other hand -.- why does my freaking facebook keep deleting my friends -_________-' F YA (!) Suraiya deleted me from facebook and I was like WOI apahal -.- ahh another story, I received a love letter from my classmate who I anggap as a friend ONLY. -.- ish it's to kampung lah wei I don't like love letters bagitau dpn dpn tk boleh ka ? haih, Syakir told me he likes me -.- and I don't know if I ... nvm, IT'S FUCKING COMPLICATED DUDE ! it makes my head spin and tercabut then ran away to Paris <-- Put's sayings. cool ayy ? :3

Yeah June and July have been a very very VERY weird month for me. hope for the best next month. OH YEAH, October's Raya and next month Puasa. omgomgomg, can't wait :-D Kay thanks for reading peeps. catch ya later !

THE END * I'm gonna make tonight a show