Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LOL hi (:

Hey hey, so sup ? been pretty busy lately ._. THIS IS NOT LIKE ME MAN. Haha, so yeah this pic had nothing to do with this post. I repeat NOTHING ! :b I'm feeling bored, hungry, and all fucked up -.- Where are you ? I'm waiting for you to go on, HALUUU ? tch, nevermind -_- He's probably dota-ing "o0o" LOLLOLOOL, and yeah I'm addicted to fingerboarding <3 me likey hehe :'B It's fun, you should try it ! please try it :D plus I know how to do the POP, OLLIE, KICKFLIP, and uh tu je kot ? heeee

I like this song from MAROON 5 - Moves like Jagger leb chu, teehee aw aw. and this other song from Gym Class Heroes - stereo hearts Try listening to it. I guarantee you'll fall in love with it :') Or you already heard it. oooh, ok ok OH ! anyway, It's almost Puasa and tk lama lagi Raya wooooot~ Can't wait. Still need to ganti my 2 Puasa o.o but cannot now -.- ish, isnin depan dah puasa and isnin depan juga shoppng with my mummy. hehe love you maa <3 so that's all. ttyl :D byee

THE END * skype-ing can kill