Friday, June 10, 2011

pshht ▲

Today, I just can't fucking stop laughing LOL. -.- wudahe ? haha.. Mum's baking a cake (: and I was like on my way on helping her bake that cake. and suddenly she says it's in the oven. IT'S IN THE OVEN CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ? -_-' dah baik hati nak tolong, dah siap pulak. ngeh :p and uh look down.

I keep helping people I'm not suppose to, like doing this for 'Someone' can ruin my relationship with 'her' ugh, but I love helping people, I can't resist doing it. I mean like helping's good, and It's for a friend. And um, I'm just afraid to help people now. -_- next you guys want someone to help, PUHLEASE don't ask me. I'm scared and I mean what the heaven can I do anyway ?! I just keep on ruining you guys ugh -.- EEEEE, I'm begging you :( NEW TOPIC. look down.

WHY AM I A LONER ? don't people love me ? haha -_- I don't think so any 'guy' likes me. Ngeh, single's better tho, I 've been single for like like 5-6 months now. And I'm happy sometimes not, sometimes you feel like you want someone to think of yourself as SPECIAL. But um, having a boyfriend is very painful yet fun. lol, I'M NOT A BAD GIRL LOL. nvm bout this. -.-

I got so many topics today, bhaha. long time no update ze blog my intimation with le blogspot has changed. Sorry my lubby wubby hubby babi LOL ! haha -.- i gtg now. doing folio sej and geo err fail nanti exam. :'(
goodbye (:

THE END * you have any left split peas there ?