Monday, March 28, 2011

time !

LOOOOOOOOOOOL, march's ending -.- teheck ? :( April's coming in, oh no! pranks dude pranks ! April fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool ;-D Well, hmm don't you guys realize that time's running up so fast. the next day you open your fucking eyes, you're already form 3. the next day form 4, the next day form 5 the next day you're MARRIED. -..- no ! I really like form 2 than form 1, form 1 SUCKS BIGTIME. pffft -,-. haha can you believe it HAIRI AND ME ? awwwwh (-': I wuv him, hihi. <3 TROLOLOLOL. I'm kinda bored tho waiting for you for weeks and months. Hairi Hairi me love you so muchy much much HOHO. :-D add me on facebook ? follow me on twitter. hihohiho. (-: Putry Nabila is the awesome-st person in this world. KEMBANG AH TU. LOOOL JKJK, but she is ain't lying. <3 love yah. muehehehe >:-D *trollface hihi. well, Syafiq dah pindah and Ameera was like "alaaaa, i miss him. bila dia dtg Shah Alam balik ?. I WANT HIM AT THIS SCHOOL BACK I MISS HIM." and I was like TEFAK ? i think she likes him :O omagak. jeng jeng jeng. but she said that Syafiq MIGHT like me, bekush based on the text's that he sent to me is quite odd. hmm, WOAH WOAH. tak perasan dah pukul 11:44 P.M. hokai babai. (-: Love you guys. take care yeah ? hihi <3 <3

THE END* 11:45 P.M. (-: