Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pray Pray Pray :')

Hi awak, awak tau tak awak  ? saya suka dkt awak sebenarnye. saya takut nak ckp tu je. awak suka kt saya tak ? haha -___- jgn lyn aku ni please. I still can't get over him, haishh c'mon lah Aiman wake up. he's never going to like you anyway. -.-" well, you can always WISH for that to happen (:

eh eh, enough psl dia. malas :') siapa nak join gi sunway ?? tapi bulan 5 ni kot. plan awal gila hehohe XD now the only person I can talk to dlm kelas ialah, Putry and Ameera. Shameen dia mcm ______. *ze end She understand me. Je Ta'ime Putry <3 heeee. 

Hey "H" will you love me back as in how much I like/Love you so much till bits at the end, IDK what am I talking now. -.- I guess people inlove are just like that. haiih tak boleh dihalang. :D I always think about him, Asking myself all over again and again and again "does he like me ?, will he ever like me ?, will he ever be mine ?, or even am I playing with my feelings or is it just LOVE ?" everytime he goes online or call me, my heart pounds like it"s going to BLOW. But, he never replies to my text. He deactivated his Facebook account, When I first saw that I was just gonna die. Maybe I'm just going GAGA over him. hmm, I never saw that coming. although, I was just joking about whom I like, act I like him ! I never liked anyone like this before. :/ never in a MILLION TRILLION years have I ever thought, I'm INLOVE with HIM. I feel sorry for myself sometimes, I feel like I don't deserve a GUY that sweet that awesome for me. Maybe I'm right, Probably I don't deserve him. I hope his reading this Classic shit. I think this would probably be best if this is the last blog I'm going to ever mention about him. GOODBYE.

THE END *I'm really missing you "H" (':