Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LIFE goes on.

I'm just so SICK of my life, all this time I've been pushed around, been called NAMES. At home nobody EVER  treated me like someone Important or Special or SOMETHING. At school, people just hate me. reasons why ? because I'm ugly. I mean MAN THIS IS GOD'S CREATION I CAN'T FIGHT THAT YOU BITCH. It's just human nature dude (!)  Just because I'm ugly or Horny or Whatever. doesn't mean you can just Say things about me, Have I ever said you're ugly or "oh look at that whore, she doesn't belong here" or something HAVE I EVER?! I've never said I don't want a hater, And I've never said I want a Liker, or a stalker. You're his EX forget about him, what's the reason you guys broke up?! huh ? we're just friends, we text all night is that a crime no I don't think so. And now Because of you, we ain't friends anymore, he thinks I'm his FOE now. this is all bullshit coming right outta your fucking asshole MOUTH !