Monday, April 4, 2011

3.4.2011 (':

so yesterday 3.4.2011 Was my Mother's 44th Birthday. she's old yo LOL jkjk but still hawt. :p We celebrated her birthday at Subang Parade. Ate at Dave's Deli YUMMY. then we went to Ikano Power Center she gave me RM50 ONLY to buy anything i want there so i bought a T-shirt so cute mah. Brands Outlet <3 hihi nvm about this. After we jalan jalan at Ikano. me and daddy went to this Euphony store A music Store. I played Fur Elise for dad on a piano. and he said hes gonna buy me a Piano and mum said that If I get 5A's or 3A's upper she'll buy me the grand piano. WOW OH WOW (!) Her birthday was awesome yet a little sadness cuz muffin weren't there to celebrate it with us. :'( miss you babe. I decided that I wanted to celebrate her birthday at Sunway by eating at Baskin Robin's you know they got that new Ice cream cake. I want it so badly. :o LOL, but then my dad said that it's going to be expensive. my sister wanted to eat at Manhattan Fish market. LOL that place is Awesome like mehaw. huuuueee. :-D That's all I guess Happy Birthday MOMMY. I love you always. peace out (Y).

THE END *Happy birthday. <3