Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I wish

I awfully Awfully Awfully want HIM to be mine like so badly ): But someone told me he hates me idk if its true he's still acts like nothing's going on -.- he went to choir room yesterday with GOPAL -.- haih GRACIOUS GOD good thing I quit choir oh yeah bout that. I was like so scared that time and angkat tgn ckp dkt cikgu "teacher i want to quit like OMFG --' Aiman be seterong laaaah. that awkward awkward moment when somebody tells you they love you and then takes it back ): why'd you have to do this to me ? :| CHOIR KINDA SUCKS cuz the guy you like is always going in that ROOM at recess time -.- haiyoo I think everyone hates me at school. Deal with it stupid asshole whores --' sukati aku ah nak ikat rambut ke rambut aku menggerbang mcm reban ayam ke suhaimi baba ke kak limah ke. tefak is wrong with you ?! idgaf about you and tbatiba nak comment org pergi mampus lah weeeei ! GRRR, if i have a license on killing people you'd be the first bitch -.- Kak Farah (me likeee) asked me to join cheerios :D hihi probably next year KOT with Firo (-: although I'm still mad at Firo :| she stole me besh fwen ): it saddens me to see that tho. I wish my life to be not NEARLY perfect but OKAY jelah pun boleh. (-: I just dun want any people to hate me thats all. dude is that so hard to do ? -_- what the hell have i ever done to you that makes you hate me UGH godaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii !