Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm like a bird (:

It's just stupid seeing people stare at you while you're not doing nothing ? well, it's real duuh. Garsh, my friends really want to know whom I like. ok the one's I'm using caps lock with haha pandai pandai ah cari dkt blog ni. He saw Me walkIng down At hIs cLass. (: haa yg mana dah di caps lock kan tu you guys just tunggang terbalikkan until it reaches a human name. HAHA.

As you can see that on my facebook profile I am married to Syed Zuhairi (: hihihi he's a sweetheart (: no really he is duh (: the plot thickens, still I'm obsessed with HIM. I can't forget him, MAMMA MIA ! You can see that i like to merapu kerabu etcetc :B Deal with it :o somehow I like saying "DEAL WITH IT" IH looooooooooooooooooool :D today in class, the guys who sits infront of me are just random arse's -,- they kept talking about YOUJIZZ, and TETEKS AND PEPEKS. and i was like wtfwtfwtf -___- I can't believe i'm still friend with them. ayoyoyoyo. and also you never know between the indians behind me are aways mengutuk-ing you. WEEEE ;D ok sambung blk to the teteks and pepeks --' Putry was like "it's round and has a nipple" "it can be brown or pink" blahblah OMFH :O my friends are just the coolest and open minded person's in this whole wide world. But still Irfan are just sangap widdis setap's HAIHH buduh betul. can't ya see the Ostrich is KIUT :D haha k thats all kbye. xoxoxo

THE END *today is just an asshole fucking day.