Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good morning (:

LOL, deal with it hihih :D tumblr oh tumblr. (': somehow this pic makes me happy. awwwh (': so as you can see it'ss already 10:10 a.m. and I'm still not in the bathroom :D ahaha, stinky me hihi. deal with it. ;-D I'm on the couch thinking what'll school be in a few more hours ? hmm any fun ? any ups and downs ? any goods or bad's ? Just thinking about it it's going to make my head burst into bubbles hihi. :| I didn't do my math homeworks because I dont know HOW ! I wasnt in class for 2 whole weeks, and irfan alah irfa tu nak skip class je ckp pergi choir. hak petuih :p oh and Putry she well dia ok lah dgn maths even though dia tak masuk class for 2 weeks. she goes to tuiton, and me nothing N O T H I N G. :'( I just study at home, haih. -.- Anyhow, facebook's getting boring :| and there's nothing much to do, since I can't go out and hangout with my friends because i have a CEREWET family. at home it feels like school, in school It feels like at home. when I'm out with my fams, it feels like im in hell. HMM, no credits :( takde siapa nak topupkan haha -__-'' this sucks. ucu topup-edme about RM10 and in a day the baki haha RM00.10 -.- this is because i love to text with MUIZ and SYAFIQ also HAIRI <3 heart you guys (': what'll i have to do then ? *DEAL WITH IT HAHAHAH. :-D All my life I've been good but now hmm :( i'm turning to something bad, and I don't want that I want to see my childhood again. I want to be a kiddo again. :( I miss those moments where my parents will always hang with me. And now they're busy with works. Where they call me now to wake me up and talk with me on the phone for about 24 seconds ?! I want my old life back :( I want to be a little kid. I 'm not ready to grow up but what can we do ? life MUST go on huh ? hmm. i miss the old days. I wish my mum and Dad would spend more time with me. I'm all alone with my laptop like everyday :'( But I got friends who'd cheer me up when I'm down. HAHA, afrina's not spending time with me anymore as if she's with firo all the time. well waddya know ? KACANG LUPAKAN KULIT. hell yes ;D

OMG OMG OMG I saw Him he saw me and he was like smiling and I smiled back. who knows ? he's SO FRIGGIN TALL ! like so so so SO tall. -.- not that regular tall. he's like that giant from the beanstalk.  HAHA my face was like this in the picture. haha he's so cute, and you guys probably know who i'm talking about eit ? Different people different tastes. HAHA, many of his friends asked me "why would ya like someone like HILMI ?!" I was like "why ?!" and then they would say " He's not cute -.-" and my face was like " -_-' it doesnt really mattah whut people look like. Different People Different tastes" HAIH :p It's fun to blog about something personal where not so many people read it. haha me a retard remembah ? (: I just smile when someone asks me "why would you choose someone like HIM ?" I give em a smile. respect people's taste lah beratha. :D He deactivated his account again and i was like WTFWTFWTF why ?! cacat betul eeeee -,-' nak je aku lempang lempang. -_______-' haha, sorry Akma tak rep text I aint got creds lol so so SORRY ;D well it kinda made me happy to blog about this and saw him. it took me about 20 minits to blog about this crap :D haha k thanks for reading and kbye. (: GOD IS TESTING YOU. DEAL WITH IT HAHA.

THE END * Muiz said he aint gonna open facebook till next year. It's a GOD TEST. :D