Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alaaaah just crappy s tories. :D

I would so be like this if he'd propose to me :D not as in marrying -.- geez I'm only 13 going on 14 but GARSH if he'd do that :D if he would ask me to be his girlfriend for life. I would die and probably i would look liddat :D spongebob yo :D How did I get into this mad situation (": i'm so prod of my boboy he got 7A's 1B and a number one iin his class 3 Cemerlang I might go gaga for him now whudtudo en ? (: HAHA. Next week's Justin Bieber's Concerto OMFG OMFG OMFG ! am i going or not i still cant decide whether my sis is bringing me or nut -.- HAHA. I don't really admire Justin but I respect him, and I would love to see him live. :D

LOL i just love motion pictures ;D so cutee ! this is whut happens if i dont get enough sleep or didnt blog about something for a week. hihi (: what'll we do ? just smile eassssssy peasssy :D sup with this pic you might say. alladis had to do with HIM (L) :D Gopal told me he hates me idk if its true i dont think its true and i dont think its false. hmm i'm in the middle. (: my expression turned from smiley hand to courage's face. :D haha kbye -.-