Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Obviously, When you don't know someone. You'll probably just say "I don't know you -,-" *giggles, and then I would just say "-_- well by "knowing each other" you'll get to know me (: " *laughs ;D pfft enough about this -,- and I'm obviously not a GUY ! -_- geez guys. HAIH. (:

I'm not in school right now, but I am obviously not ponteng-ing school. I woke up late -,- well, you know me always wake up at 12 ;D HAHA, basically online-ing Facebook and tumblr and twitter. (: and just looking up images on google. :D google is awesome (: hmm, this pic ? yeah I know this has nothing to do with the blogging -,- but Somehow I really like it. ;D I can see it's describing some passion about love. *woah see dah ceramah dah hak petuih :p but inside my heart and brain BRAIN. scoot over. ;D I want him to be mine and I wish for US to be liddis :p InsyaAllah (': EEEEK, I'm obsessed with balloons NOW. :D woah ! I just think that balloons is cute and lovely and colourful. ;-D gonna start buying lots and lots of balloons now. *sheepish smile A.K.A senyum kambing -_-' HAHA. dunno how to use TUMBLR -,- but I'm just copying the pic's URL. and then put it on blogspot. ;D it's fun HIHI <3 GOGUL, and I well we're friends I invited him ? o,O to  watch transformers this 1.7.2011 suddenly, he said that he's going with HILMI and now I can't decide whether I'm going to follow or not ? ergh, dizzy -..- But I like the guy. eeek malush lah. ): I want to go but I'm shy to meet him and I'm scared whether he wants me there or nooooooot ? scurred -,- hmm, but chill-lah lambat lai WOI. -_-' But if I decide now what'll happen ? who knows ? haih only God knows. hak petuih :p there's still lots to tell but now. I think I'm just going to chill and blog about something else. (: see ya on another post. hihi (': *senyum kambing lagi :B HAHA. mmmkay bye (:

THE END *I'm obsessed with putting on images on my posts ;D *laughs