Thursday, April 14, 2011

Double Deckers (:

HAHA right now I'm dancing while playing the piano (: can you believe it ? I think I just scored him. I THINK kay -.- well, I'm dancing the joy of happiness ;D I see that he likes me too but I'm not positive about that. I'm just gonna keep trying. but this form 1 kid wants me to be his girlfriend. I'm your senior lahhh -,- I cant haih ape org kata nanti ? sorry dude ): I hope you find somebody more pretty, nicer, and suitable for you. but you're still in form 1 study dulu lah kay ? (: they joy of happiness ends here and a nother chapter we go :D BOOOM

Somehow I'm addicted to tumblr pictures. :D it's just awesome (: and pretty (: I wonder how they do they do it ? hmm :D I think I'm gonna join Cheerio's next year. But, they're easily how do I say this err "dikutuk" lah -..- I feel kinda bad for em. But I wanna join I just candle handle being "dikutuk" -_- I can't find the right word to describe it. ergh -,-' I'm not that kinda girl which is described as a "hotsuff, rich, dirty, sweetie, tall, beautiful etcetc" I'm just a nerd whose trying to fit in ;D Although I'm not as smart as you think I am. hmm, I'm just a normal high school student who loves to type and go online ;D whose dumb and fun and adores laughing (: I have haters and I have likers. The haters ? I adore em thank you for hating me cuz you're wasting your time watching my every wrong move. (: And for the likers thank you for accepting my own way of fitting in and my stupid attitude. (: My friends keep telling me to ignore all the haters and they also kept saying that I'm easily "terpedaya" by their moves. hmm I think I'm easily distracted. But whatever, It's not important to me. The main point in thinking straight is studying and focusing on your education. Don't rely on Government to help yo when you don't pass the SPM and not going to college/university. Just study now, and I guarantee you success will come to you in a blink of an eye. If you just pray and ask for forgiveness and STUDY (: *giggles.  Secret to success is first *coughs look down.

no 1 : respect people, no matter how old they are.
no 2 : study. (:
no 3 : never EVER ever disrespect your teachers or parents cuz they have 'POWER' over you *seriously.
no 4 : never neglect your studies over stupid things. like love, and etc etc.
no 5 : being in love is just NORMAL. Don't worry (: every people has been in love before you ain't alone.
         I'm not saying you can't be in love but You're still young. And not ready for love and you need to score
         in education first. What comes first is STUDIES then you can go in love haha. (:
no 6 : never play the role GOD.
no 7 : pray to GOD.
no 8 : respect other religion.
no 9 : ignore what other people say about you *negative stuffs (:
no 10 : Always believe in yourself that you are the secret to your own success, and you can score in any kind
           of exams. And never look down to yourself, be brave and courageous be proud of yourselves. (':

Actually, I got more advices but I think I'm just gonna give out 10 (: I'll update more advice when I get the chance to. The most important thing is love yourself and believe in yourself even if you did all of those things that I just told you to do but if you don't respect, love, and believe in yourself you ain't gonna score in life's education. This things last forever ya know ? HAHA, Although people call me dumb or stupid or whut else. I just ignore em. Teachers are always well they don't believe in me but I do I believe in myself. (: my teachers are always asking me this and that "are you listening to what I just said Aiman ?" and then they'd ask questions about what they just babble about HAHA. I'd answer correctly, I just don't look in their eyes when they're teaching I'm always gonna lay my head on the table. (: So whatever people describe you as whether good or bad. you just ignore or accept it okay ? (: I think this is enough my fingers are tires haha. SORE :D kbye. (: I'll be back in a few minutes :B

THE END *This things I collected from my teachers hard work babbling :D