Thursday, April 14, 2011

Obviously -,-

I'm just thinking of hanging out alone right now. It'll clear up my mind. STRESS keeps on coming back. hmm, It saddens me ): I didn't do my homework especially my KH homework ! ugh teacher why'd you have to give a lot ?! like a lot a lot ! hmm 20 pages of HW ? that's just cruel. -__-'

A different me in just a year ): I have been told that I've changed A LOT. hmm, really ? I think so too, but I don't see that much different about me. EEE, why is that MUAZ so cute ? -..- it drives me insane to watch him sit next to me time balik sekolah. HAIH.  When will I get the chance to be SOMEBODY in school ? or out of school ? or even at home ? err ): I will always be alone I guess.

THE END * keep thinking makes me dizzy.